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Jul. 27 - Aug. 4, 2018

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The Official 2018 Mega Miracle Crusade Conference Againt Cancer

For years now, God has commanded me to hold miracle crusades against cancer, and it has been defeated! Every year, we see the principality of cancer being destroyed, lives being saved, and destiny's being preserved! The cancer rate continues to drop each year, and cures are being discovered!! My friends, 2018 will be even greater! This is the year of NEW Beginnings, Seasons, and Living! I want to encourage you to expect the new things that God has planned and purposed for your life this year!!

I want to personally invite you to the NEW, greatly anticipated and monumental 2018 MEGA Conference Crusade Against Cancer (July 27 - August 4)! God has put it on my heart to make this year's crusade more convenient for His people. He told me to schedule sixteen conferences all in one MEGA Conference. I want you and your family to join me for 8 Days of Glory! If you are only able to attend for a portion of the time, make sure that it is for the Crusade Against Cancer (August 1-4, 2018)! Bring every person you know that has cancer, is bound to a wheelchair, or has any other manner of sickness or disease. The Father and Jesus will be coming to personally touch, deliver, and set you free!! During the Crusade Against Cancer in December, while special musical guest Vicki Yohe was worshiping and singing "Reveal Your Glory", she literally saw Jesus walking the aisles, just as the Lord told me He was going to do, and He was touching the heads of the people in the seats! He was imparting healing, health, and restoration to His people! He and His Father have promised to be at the Crusade Against Cancer again in August 2018! You do not want to miss these nights of absolute glory.

I have had my staff put packages together that will help you arrange your travel and hotel arrangements. Call Today and let us help you get here for this MEGA Conference Crusade Against Cancer! Buses, trains, vans, and carpools are coming from all over the US, and people are coming from all over the world to be where God has promised to be!! I am looking forward to seeing you there and hearing your testimony!! 1-877-THE- GLORY (843-4567) I love you, and remember that God has not planned any defeat for you!


David E. Taylor

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Gospel Artist

Sees Jesus During The Crusade!

"It’s the ultimate intimacy, a face to face relationship with Jesus! I just finished reading the book “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus”, by Apostle David E. Taylor a month prior to this... On December 30th 2017, while I was singing at the Crusade Against Cancer in Taylor, MI. I saw Jesus! This face to face movement is about a closer relationship with Jesus!” - Vicki Yohe

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